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College Readiness Program

Most people assume that college preparation doesn’t start until high school. Not true! You don’t want your child to wait until going to high school in order to begin getting ready for college. College preparation must start in middle school. In short, preparation takes time and must start early.   

The purpose of our program is to best prepare students early for their target college. There are two sides to college readiness: Academic and Student-Profile Building.

For the Academic part, our live-online lectures train students to build a solid foundation in vocabulary and reading. 

For the Student-Profile Building part, our students are fully supported in finding the most suitable extracurricular activities and internships, while also learning through virtual field-trips and hands-on workshops to enhance their eligibility for prestigious college acceptance. 

Our program offers 5 benefits that help our students excel ahead of others in academics and extracurricular pursuits. 

5 benefits Included in our program

Parents of enrolled students can schedule a free monthly Extracurricular and Internship Consultation by clicking below. 

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