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College Readiness Program

Most people assume that college preparation doesn’t start until high school. Not true! You don’t want your child to wait until going to high school in order to begin getting ready for college. College preparation must start in middle school. In short, preparation takes time and must start early.   

The purpose of our program is to best prepare students early for their target college. There are two sides to college readiness: Academic and Student-Profile Building.

For the Academic part, our live-online lectures train students to build a solid foundation in vocabulary and reading. 

For the Student-Profile Building part, our students are fully supported in finding the most suitable extracurricular activities and internships, while also learning through virtual field-trips and hands-on workshops to enhance their eligibility for prestigious college acceptance. 

Our program offers 5 benefits that help our students excel ahead of others in academics and extracurricular pursuits. 

5 benefits Included in our program

  • 1. Word-Vantage Class
    A 50-minute online lecture, twice per week. (8 total lectures per month) The class maximizes Vocabulary Building and Reading Comprehension along with providing a Weekly Review Sheet, and monthly Assessment. Vocabulary Building: We train students to learn words in tandem with relevant knowledge and textual context. Our students will learn approximately 650 new words per year, i.e. 12 words per week, including advanced SAT level words. Reading Comprehension: Our students will review the latest New York Times articles on a weekly basis. This will keep them abreast of what is relevant in our society and also focus on making them better-informed readers and citizens, better prepared for high school, college, and beyond. Weekly Review Sheet: We provide a weekly review sheet with formal word definitions, synonyms, antonyms, occasional word origins, and relevant knowledge. The purpose of this is to keep students and parents on the same page. This is an important way to reinforce learning. Assessment: A time-controlled monthly vocabulary test will be given to students in order to test their vocabulary knowledge, usage, and retention.
  • 2. Editing Service
    We help students complete any two writing assignments per month. Come to us with a rough draft and we will help you finish any writing assignment. Perfecting writing skills requires a deep understanding of the writing process: planning, formatting, proper word choice, and logical coherence. We can go over any assignment you completed for school and help edit it by making sure there are no grammatical, spelling, logical, and structural errors. Email assignments to
  • 3. Virtual Field-Trips
    Once per month, we take our students to the best museums and libraries in the country along with having them meet with experts in various disciplines - from law to medicine and astronomy to zoology- to boost their knowledge and interest in these fields. These tours give our students an opportunity to develop advanced knowledge in humanities, sciences, arts in order to decide early which career path they want to pursue in college. Dates and descriptions will be announced at least one week in advance.
  • 4. Hands-on Workshops
    Once per month, our hands-on workshops focus on building practical life skills that students need to succeed in college and beyond. These life-long skills are a must if you want to march ahead in our highly competitive society. Want to know how to paraphrase? Want to know tips for making a citation page? How to conduct research? How to use metaphorical devices? What goes on a resume? Stay tuned for the best to come. Dates and descriptions will be announced at least one week in advance.
  • 5. Extracurricular and Internship Consultation
    Once per month, we offer a 15-20 minutes’ online consultation to guide parents through the extracurricular and internship search process. Extracurricular activities: Colleges want students who not only excel academically, but also have an impressive track-record of extracurricular activities. Again, it takes time and energy to find and commit to the best volunteer work, sports and other talent building opportunities. Extracurricular search is time-consuming and highly competitive. Start as early as possible to take advantage of the opportunities that are available. Internships: Finding a reputable internship is highly competitive and spots are granted on a limited basis. Many organizations also have a certain age-limit when it comes to offering internships. However, it doesn’t harm to explore what is out there so you can be better prepared. Schedule your monthly consultation through our website.

Parents of enrolled students can schedule a free monthly Extracurricular and Internship Consultation by clicking below. 

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