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Executive Team

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Sean Lee

Founder and Director of Academics   

Mr. Lee’s penchant for liberal arts knowledge led him to earn two bachelor’s degrees in Political Science and Anthropology. After completing his MA in Political Science, he pursued a degree in Education in order to help middle and high school students prepare for college. He earned his MA in Applied Linguistics from Teachers College, Columbia University. Prior to becoming an educator, Mr. Lee operated his own businesses ranging from property development to brand-name goods distribution and spa management in Long Island, New York, where he has resided for the last 33 years. His genuine concern to educate the next generations early for college led him to find Morningside Scholars. His unique method of vocabulary enhancement and reading comprehension is based on his lengthy academic and teaching experiences in both institutional and private settings.

Alejandro Galindo.jpg

Alejandro Galindo

Co-Founder and Director of Student Profile Building 

Mr. Galindo earned his MA in Applied Linguistics from Teachers College, Columbia University. He also holds a certificate in College Advising from his alma mater. Mr. Galindo co-founded and managed a college consultancy firm with Mr. Lee as a young graduate helping students gain admission to top universities in the United States. As Director of Student Profile Building, Mr. Galindo oversees the Student Profile Building arm of our program by providing students with college advising, extracurricular and internship guides. He is also a lecturer of English Composition and an academic administrator at two New York City universities. Mr. Galindo resides in New Jersey with his wife and three wonderful children. 

Anam Bibi.jpg

Anam Bibi

Co-Founder and Assistant-Director of Academics 

Ms. Bibi earned her MA in Political Science and South Asian Studies from Columbia University. She also holds a certificate in College Advising from Teachers College, Columbia University. As a co-founder, Ms. Bibi helped her colleagues manage a college consultancy firm for eight years. She has taught college writing in a non-profit college preparatory program and supervised the library-based literacy program focused on reading comprehension and building vocabulary. At Morningside Scholars, she currently provides editing service to students and plans monthly virtual-tours and workshops. Ms. Bibi resides in Brooklyn, New York, with her family. She enjoys reading for fun and spending time with her young nieces and nephews.

차수현 프로필2 v-2.jpg

Soo-hyun Cha 

Senior College Counselor  

Ms. Cha earned her MA in Bilingual and Bicultural Education from Teachers College, Columbia University. Her research focuses on exploring the nexus between multilingualism and learning a second language; primarily through analyzing issues of learning and teaching in more than one language. In addition to speaking Korean, she has dedicated several years learning Mandarin and earned a Chinese Learning Certificate from Teachers College, Columbia University. Together with her academic experience and multilingual language skills, Ms. Cha is the Senior College Counselor at Morningside Scholars. In particular, she guides young students and their families to select the best possible colleges and areas of studies for them. Ms. Cha travels back and forth between her homes in Incheon and New York City. 

Hye-jeong Eo.jpg

Hye-jeong Eo

Director of Family Engagement  

Ms. Eo is a pharmacist by trade and earned her degree from Ewha Womans University. In her 20 years working as a pharmacist, she consulted thousands of individual patients and collaborated with many other pharmacists, physicians and clinicians. This made her a sympathetic listener and an expert communicator. Impressed with her extensive communication skills and strong work ethic, we asked her to join us as our Director of Family Engagement. Ms. Eo became our biggest advocate after seeing her childrens’ tremendous academic growth in the Word-Vantage class for the last 3 years. For this reason, she gladly accepted the position. At Morningside Scholars, she will be dedicating her time helping other parents take full advantage of our program. In her spare time, Ms. Eo enjoys playing spelling bee games and solving crossword puzzles with her children. 

Jun-wha Lee image .JPG

Jun-wha Lee

Social Media Content Developer

Mr. Lee earned his BA in Fine Arts from Kaywon School of Arts and Design. He is passionate about painting, drawing, sculpting, woodworking, metal crafting, and photography. He continues to hone these passions in his daily professional life which further refined his keen sense of aesthetics and keeps him motivated to produce the best quality work. He has over six years of experience working as a photographer, website creator, and social media content developer. He decided to work with his uncle, Mr. Sean Lee, at Morningside Scholars and take charge of the social media content development. Mr. Lee is a Seoul native and in his spare time documents his journey in his personal blog by exploring new restaurants and cuisines throughout Korea.

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